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Efficient XML™ Gateways

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Instantly Integrate Efficient XML into Your Enterprise or Application

The Efficient XML Enterprise Gateway and Client Gateway make it easy to dramatically reduce the bandwidth used by your existing browser, web services, and web-based applications without modifying application code. The gateways function as standard Web proxies or network forwarders, optimizing network trafic on behalf of servers and clients. This significantly reduces network bandwidth costs and increases data transfer speeds over WAN connections, mobile networks, the Internet, or congested high-speed networks. It also makes enterprise servers and services instantly accessible to smart phones, automobiles, sensor networks and other wireless platforms with limited resources.

Efficient XML Enterprise Gateway

The Efficient XML Enterprise Gateway optimizes incoming web traffic on behalf of a web server, application server or entire network of servers. The gateway dynamically detects and uses Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) where available and automatically falls back to plain old XML where it is not.

The Efficient XML Enterprise Gateway interoperates with any Efficient XML capable clients. It is fully compatible with client applications implemented using Efficient XML, web services clients using AgileDelta's Efficient Web Services, or other applications using the Efficient XML Client Gateway.

Efficient XML Client Gateway

The Efficient XML Client Gateway is a lightweight gateway designed to run on the same machine as a client application or browser. The Client Gateway optimizes outgoing network traffic on behalf of browsers and applications running on that machine. Like the Enterprise Gateway, it dynamically detects and uses EXI where available and automatically falls back to plain old XML where it is not.

Features and Benefits

The Efficient XML Gateways support the following features/benefits:

Simple Configuration. The gateways instantly integrate with your existing applications and services without any code changes and only minimal configuration changes. Simply configure the application or browser to use the gateway as a standard proxy or send requests to the gateway host and subsequent network traffic will be optimized.

Interoperability. The gateways support content negotiation between clients and servers. Content negotiation allows the gateways to dynamically detect EXI where it is available and fall back to plain old XML where it is not. This allows you to deploy Efficient XML Gateways in mixed environments where not everyone supports Efficient XML. And it lets you roll Efficient XML out to your enterprise incrementally at your own pace.

Increased Scalability/Maximized Network Throughput. By dramatically optimizing network traffic, the gateways allow more clients to transmitted more messages using less server resources and bandwidth. This reduces the bandwidth costs, accelerates network traffic and increases the scalability of your system.

Supported Platforms

The Efficient XML Gateways run on any Java enabled platform with any application using the HTTP protocol. There are also Efficient XML Gateways for optimizing TCP and UDP traffic.


The Efficient XML Enterprise Gateway and Client Gateway are available for immediate purchase. The gateways are also included with the Efficient XML SDK. SDK users can download the gateways. New users can sign up for an evaluation copy.