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Efficient XML™

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Lightning-Fast Delivery of XML to More Devices in More Locations

XML has been enormously successful and seams nearly ubiquitous. It is built-in to modern operating systems, databases, web-servers, browsers and programming languages, meaning most shared data is now available in XML or is just a few clicks away from being available. XML is a flexible, cross-platform, robust, commonly accepted standard that has spawned a rich ecosystem of tools, utilities, and applications that leverage its power and extensibility. For those that can tap into it, the XML ecosystem is tremendously valuable.

However, it is not practical or possible for many to use XML because its sheer size and verbosity clogs networks, overwhelms smaller devices, and can slow data transmission to a crawl. Processing XML can also consume a great deal of CPU time which reduces throughput and scalability, increasing the cost / performance ratio of your computing resources. Because the technical challenges and costs of adding additional bandwidth or processing power to accommodate XML is often prohibitively high, many are simply missing out on all it has to offer.

AgileDelta's Efficient XML product line is designed specifically to solve these problems. Efficient XML products dramatically reduce the size of the XML, increase processing speed, and increase the transmission speed of XML across existing networks. And unlike traditional utilities like gzip that only compress data, Efficient XML takes knowledge that already exists within XML data to make that data smaller, faster and, well, more efficient! It simultaneously eliminates network bottlenecks and processing bottlenecks, and extends the reach of your web services and web applications to a vast array of new platforms and devices. Now cell phones, PDAs, media players, GPS receivers, and many other devices that are often constrained by battery power, processing power, or memory can tap into the XML ecosystem and rapidly access just about any data, anywhere.

Efficient XML is Built on Open Standards

Efficient XML is completely built on open standards, so using Efficient XML will not limit you to a closed, proprietary approach. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) identified Efficient XML as the best-of-breed XML optimization technology and adopted our Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) format as the global web standard for efficient, interoperable XML exchange across all platforms and devices. AgileDelta worked closely with the W3C to define all elements of the open EXI standard and our Efficient XML products include full support for it. This means you can incorporate Efficient XML into your web service or application with the confidence that you can share your data with virtually any device or workstation anywhere, anytime. And Efficient XML products work seamlessly with workstations that are not equipped with Efficient XML - through its powerful content negotiation feature, it will pass regular text XML through to those workstations or devices without user intervention.

Other Key Features and Benefits of Efficient XML

Efficient XML makes XML data up to hundreds of times smaller

Efficient XML works for XML messages of all sizes and all schemas

Efficient XML is 100% compatible with XML

Efficient XML works with fully structured, semi-structured, and unstructured XML data

Efficient XML adapts to changes in XML data over time, including new versions, updates, and deviations

For more information on the technical underpinnings of Efficient XML or to see how Efficient XML performance compares to XML, visit our Efficient XML Features and Performance page.

Flexible Installation Options

Efficient XML supports a wide range of familiar, standard XML APIs that allow you quickly and easily add Efficient XML to your existing XML applications. Supported APIs include the Simple API for XML (SAX), Streaming API for XML (StAX), W3C Document Object Model (DOM), Java API for XML Processing (JAXP), Java API for XML Binding (JAXB) and .NET XMLReader/XMLWriter APIs.

AgileDelta also offers products that rapidly and easily add Efficient XML to your existing XML applications and web-services without requiring you to writing a single line of code. Efficient Web Services adds Efficient XML capabilities natively to your web services framework without any coding. Efficient XML Gateways instantly add Efficient XML capabilities to clients, servers or entire networks. They can work as forwarders or proxies using standard proxy protocols. Efficient Web Services and Efficient XML Gateways also include advanced features, like automatic content negotiation and automatic compression.

Ready to Get Started?

Download an evaluation copy of Efficient XML or email AgileDelta Sales for pricing and licensing information. After you download Efficient XML, try efxperf, an easy-to-use benchmarking tool that quickly shows exactly how much faster and smaller Efficient XML makes your data.