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Take XML where it's never gone before!

AgileDelta offers a version of Efficient XML for trial download that allows you to experiment with the power of Efficient XML with your data. You will be able to see firsthand how Efficient XML can reduce the size of your XML data. You can also experiment with the different encoding options and use schemas to optimize the compression of your data.

In addition to reducing the size of your data, Efficient XML also increases the performance of parsing and serializing your data. Included in the evaluation is an easy-to-use performance measurement tool that quickly shows you how much faster and smaller Efficient XML makes your data. The tool can also be used over a network, allowing you to see the increased throughput Efficient XML can provide by simultaneously increasing execution speed and reducing the size of your data.

Unlimited e-mail and web-based support are also included during the term of your evaluation to ensure you get the best possible results with Efficient XML.

Want to see how Efficient XML performs on your data?

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System Requirements

  • Java 1.4 or later
  • 128MB minimum RAM
  • 2MB free disk space
  • Internet connection recommended