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Software Development Kit

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Tools for Building Efficient XML enabled Applications

The Efficient XML Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the tools you need to integrate Efficient XML into your application, system, or enterprise.

Efficient XML SDK Contents

Efficient XML Runtimes for all supported server, desktop and mobile platforms. The runtimes are used to efficiently encode and decode XML data. Each runtime includes full support the Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) standard and other open standards such as the W3C DOM and W3C XML Schema Language.

Support for Popular XML APIs including SAX, DOM, JAXP, and a pull-model streaming API patterned on StAX, are built into the Efficient XML runtime. These APIs can be used to directly parse and serialize data in EXI format without requiring a conversion to text XML. This greatly increases parsing speed and allows quick and easy integration with existing applications without requiring code changes.

A Schema Compiler is included which compiles a set of XML Schemas into a compact format which can be distributed with your application. Efficient XML can produce significantly smaller encodings when used with a schema that describes1 your XML data. And you don't have to worry if your schema exactly matches your data. Efficient XML supports schema extensions and deviations that allow successful encoding and decoding of your data regardless of whether it exactly matches the schema (i.e. the data doesn't have to be schema valid). And, you'll still realize the reduction in size from use of the schema.

A Command Line Processor which can be used as a scripting interface for encoding and decoding EXI data. The command line processor is the way most people get started using Efficient XML. It provides a convenient way to encode and decode messages and experiment with the different encoding options available so you can see how Efficient XML performs on your data.

A Performance Analysis Tool which can be used to measure the compactness, parsing speed, and encoding speed of Efficient XML on your data. The tool also supports network testing and can be used to measure the combined effect of reduced message size and faster processing when run over bandwidth-limited, congested, or low-speed (wireless) networks.

Efficient Web Services are available to quickly add Efficient XML to your web service implementation. Support for Apache Axis 1.x, Apache Axis2, and Oracle WebLogic® 9 are available now and others are planned in the near future including JAX-WS. Efficient Web Services allow you to insert Efficient XML into your existing configuration without code changes. Legacy clients are also supported through a content negotiation feature which allows your web service to interoperate with mixed set of clients that send and receive both EXI and traditional text XML, allowing you to upgrade or deploy Efficient XML to the clients which need it.

Efficient XML Gateways are available to instantly enable your application to interchange data in EXI format without modifying your code. The Gateways can act as forwarders or standard proxies, optimizing the bandwidth your application uses without modifying your code. In addition, the gateways include a content negotiation feature which allows seamless operation between clients which support Efficient XML and those that do not.

Socket Proxies allow you to integrate Efficient XML into your XML-based applications which use custom protocols to communicate over IP-based networks. The socket proxies can be configured optimize XML messaging traffic over both TCP and UDP. The proxies provide a simple way to plug Efficient XML into your application, usually requiring only a simple configuration change (e.g. changing a listening or sending port number).

Supported Platforms

Efficient XML is supported on the following platforms:

Platform Version
Java Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition 1.4 or greater
Java Micro Edition Java Wireless Toolkit 1.0.4 or greater
.NET .NET Framework version 2.0 and later
.NET Compact Framework .NET Compact Framework version 2.0 and later
C/C++ Windows, Linux, Mac, Mobile & Embedded
iPhone, iPad iOS 4 or later
Android 2.2 or later
Integrity Real-time OS x.x or later

Support for additional platforms and languages is on going. If you do not see what you need, please contact the AgileDelta Products Team to see when it will be available.

Learn More

To get first hand experience with Efficient XML download an Evaluation copy. Or read more about the value of Efficient XML, its features and performance in real-world environments.

Pricing and licensing information for Efficient XML runtimes, the Efficient XML SDK, Efficient XML Web Services and Efficient XML Gateways are available by contacting AgileDelta at

  1. Performance benefits can be realized with only minimal schemas that define names and types. However, additional performance increases are possible if information describing content models, cardinality, and other characteristics of the data are specified in the schema.