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AgileDelta, Inc. Announces Release of Apache Axis Web Services Integration Kits for Efficient XML™

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- March 28, 2007 -- AgileDelta™, Inc., the leading provider of software for lightning-fast delivery of more content to more locations, today announced the release of its Axis 1.x and Axis2 Web Services Integration Kits for Efficient XML, the basis for the emerging web standard for binary XML. These simple plug-in integration kits allow the quick and easy addition of Efficient XML into any web service running on Apache's Axis 1.x or Axis2 engine. The integration kits automatically detect and use Efficient XML for clients that support it and fall back to text XML for clients that do not.

Efficient XML enables applications and web services to encode and decode XML using a cross-platform binary XML format that makes XML data much more compact and transmits that data faster, using less bandwidth and battery life than standard XML. Efficient XML documents can be over 100 times smaller and faster than XML.

"We're excited the Axis engine can now support Efficient XML, putting it firmly on track with the web standard for binary XML." said Sanjiva Weerawarana, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of WSO2, the driving force behind the Apache Web service project and WSO2's Web Services Application Server (WSAS). "Efficient XML increases the speed of web service applications and opens new opportunities to use web services across a wide range of mobile devices."

The addition of the Axis Web Services Integration Kit expands the reach of web technologies and online content to a vast and growing set of mobile devices, navigation systems, media players and other connected devices. In addition, the Axis integration kits will significantly increase the speed, scalability and throughput of enterprise systems using web services.

About AgileDelta, Inc.
AgileDelta is the leading provider of software that enables lightning-fast delivery of more information to the edge of wireless networks, elevating mobile devices to true 'smart clients'. Our products bridge the gap between high-speed business networks and mobile networks by dramatically improving the efficiency of XML data and reducing the footprint required to run standard web services, increasing the value and capability of mobile devices. AgileDelta is a privately held company with headquarters in Bellevue, Washington.

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