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AgileDelta, Inc. Announces Broad Availability of Efficient XML™ 2.0
Software can make XML documents over 100 times smaller and transmit them over 100 times faster

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- October 3, 2006 -- AgileDelta™, Inc., the leading provider of software that enables lightning-fast delivery of information to remote, mobile and embedded devices at the edge of wireless networks, today announced the commercial release of Efficient XML 2.0, their flagship software product. Efficient XML is a very compact, high performance binary XML format that dramatically improves the performance and scalability of existing XML applications and extends the reach of XML to mobile and embedded devices with limited bandwidth, battery life and processing power. "Efficient XML has already been incredibly successful for streamlining communications in several areas of the U.S. Department of Defense" said AgileDelta Chief Technology Officer and co-founder John Schneider. "We're excited to bring Efficient XML to the commercial market so businesses can achieve the same economic and efficiency gains as our military customers."

Efficient XML is both smaller and faster than compressed XML. Processing Efficient XML requires significantly less time, processing power, and battery life. In addition, applications can read and write Efficient XML directly using standard XML interfaces instead of serially generating, compressing, decompressing and reading XML. Efficient XML makes standard XML documents consistently smaller than compression tools and works for all XML documents, with or without schema.

"We were amazed by the size and speed improvements resulting from Efficient XML", said U.S. Navy Captain Scot Miller, director of assessments and experimentation at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. "With typical data sets, the size and speed were improved by a factor of 100, reducing two megabyte messages to only 16 kilobytes. It is even smaller than our best binary formats, allowing us to use inexpensive open XML standards. Efficient XML has demonstrated the ability to get more information to mobile users than ever before."

Proven Track Record of Success with Military Customers

While Efficient XML is only now becoming broadly available to commercial enterprises, it has been used extensively by several branches of the United States Armed Forces to deliver critical data to military personnel on and off of the battlefield.

Efficient XML was a central technology in the Joint Rapid Architecture Experiment (JRAE) and Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment (JEFX) this year, which focus on rapidly identifying and fielding key technologies with proven operational benefits. Efficient XML flawlessly processed over 100,000 messages a day ranging from a few hundred bytes to multiple megabytes. Efficient XML was often 100 times smaller and faster than XML, reaching 400 times faster during peak network usage times.

"The U.S. Department of Defense operates a large number of wireless networks connecting hundreds of thousands of mobile and embedded devices", said Air Force Major General Tommy Crawford in April 2006. "Using AgileDelta's Efficient XML, we achieved three significant goals. We dramatically increased our message volume without purchasing additional bandwidth. We accelerated the flow of information to and from our mobile war fighters who need it most. And we successfully deployed a single, interoperable data standard across our airborne, mobile, satellite and terrestrial communications systems."

Efficient XML Creates New Revenue Opportunity for Developers

Efficient XML also creates opportunities for adding more compelling content and applications on existing devices without additional resources. It helps to reduce the cost of new devices by enabling them to function with fewer resources, and creates opportunities for content providers and application developers to reach many new customers.

"We created Efficient XML specifically with application developers, handset manufacturers, and wireless carriers in mind", said Rich Rollman, co-founder and Vice President of Engineering and Product Development at AgileDelta. "Efficient XML is designed to help these businesses expand markets, reach more consumers, and add more value and productivity to handsets, PDAs, and wireless laptops. It opens up a new world of web services and applications that can be installed on these smaller devices."

About AgileDelta, Inc.
AgileDelta is the leading provider of software that pushes information to the edge of networks, elevating mobile devices to true 'smart clients'. Our products bridge the gap between high-speed business networks and mobile networks by dramatically improving the efficiency of XML data and reducing the footprint required to run standard web services, increasing the value and capability of mobile devices. AgileDelta is a privately held company with headquarters in Bellevue, Washington.

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